The Creepiest Final Fantasy XV Glitch Ever, He Moved His Camera Around and Saw THIS! WTF

The Creepiest Final Fantasy XV Glitch EVER, I Can’t Unsee This!

Final Fantasy XV is a beautiful game from what we’ve seen so far, but I don’t think a lot of people have seen this side of the game before! This is a milly disturbing view of a minor ‘glitch’, being able to see inside the main character Noctis’ head and it’s pretty funny!

[SPOILERS] This Is What Happens When You're on Drugs, You HAVE to See This. LOL.

So handsome!


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Errr, what?


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I take that back!


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Oh GOD Don’t Hurt Me!


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Hestia's Boob Ribbon Isn't Too Perfect In Real Life Because of ONE Reason...



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I hope this doesn’t give you nightmares. qq

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