We’ve Compiled a List of the 40 Cutest Anime Girls (#32 Is a Kawaii Overdose!!)

I’d be a liar if I told you that I’ve never watched an anime solely for a cute girl before. Sometimes cute anime girls just have that effect on you! Sure, the story may be amazing, and the other characters may play a huge role and have strong impacts themselves, but when it comes to your waifu no one can beat her!


Here at Otaku Therapy, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to compile this pretty awesome list of the most adorable, kawaii, and cutest anime girls we’ve ever seen. Of course, everyone won’t be included — that’d be way too long of a list but hey, 40 is definitely better than just one cute anime girl. Disclaimer: This list is in no particular order.

Top 40 Cute Anime Girls (#28 Is SO Kawaii! OMG!)

1. Mayoi Hachikuji


Character Summary: Mayoi is a 144cm tall grade school student who carries a large backpack, and has ponytails with a white hairband. She is very energetice and analytical. Being a kid she makes a lot of spelling mistakes and frequently mispronounces Koyomi’s last name. Regardless of her personality Mayoi doesn’t put her trust in strangers too often — willing to even show agression towards them if they become too intrusive.

2. Fuuko Ibuki


Character Summary: A first year at Tomoya’s school, Fuuko is always alone making wood carvings of starfish to give as gifts to people in accordance with her older sister’s upcoming wedding. Fuuko can hardly handle anything adorable because as soon as she sees something cute she totally melts and loses all function.

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3. Tabitha


Character Summary: Often quiet and hardly speaking, Tabitha loves to read. Her best firend is Kirche and she is Louise’s classmate. Tabitha is only a pseudonym and she is actually a princess and rightful heir to the throne of Gallia.

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4. Aisaka Taiga


Character Summary: Our female main protagonist of the hit series, Toradora, Aisaka Taiga, is the definition of Tsundere. Nicknamed the “Palmtop Tiger,” due to her short height and ferocious attitude, Taiga is an erratic girl, her actions constantly reflecting her unstable emotions towards people. A flat chest to go along with her long and curly orange-brownish hair, and dark eyes, blends well with the menacing words and glares she gives others