Cute Japanese Kickboxer Does THIS To Men For Free… LOL

Cute Japanese Kickboxer Does THIS To Men For Free…

And not just men, I’m sure she takes any client (though men are probably the only ones who would ever do this…). This takes “butt kicking” to a whole new level. Professional Japanese kickboxer and model Hitomi Nogata (not sure if you’ve heard of her or not) offers a free service (yes free) to clients who are willing to withstand the pain. She kicks them. A professional kickboxer kicks them in the butt. Literally. It’s bizzare yes, however it has boosted her fame, which was the very intention of it in the first place. Her legs are pretty nice as well. – cough –

[SPOILERS] This Is What Happens When You're on Drugs, You HAVE to See This. LOL.

Would you take part in this as a client? I mean – it IS free, right? I guess you’d only do it if you were into this kinda stuff! Haha 😀

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