22 Gifs of Megumin from Konosuba That Will Make Your Day (Super Cute!)

Explosion!!! Here are 22 Adorable Megumin Gifs (You’ll DIE Of Cuteness!)

Megumin is an arch wizard that will mesmerize you with her explosions throughout the anime of KonoSuba. With just one spell, she is able to level kingdoms to dust, that is, if she could stay conscious after using the only spell in her arsenal: Explosion. You would think an arch wizard of this magnitude would have knowledge of other useful and diverse spells. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case with this arch wizard.

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KonoSuba – First Opening (OP 1)

Megumin refuses to learn any other magic due to her fixation on explosion magic. She is the pride and joy of KonoSuba, and I doubt the anime would be such a success without her interesting personality to make an impact on the show. Remember, always bring a friend when practicing your explosion magic! If you want a good laugh, then I suggest you watch KonoSuba! Bad day? Well, KonoSuba will fix that!

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1. Here she comes, guys!

Incoming: Best Girl!


2. Best introduction.

Are we pissing our pants yet?

Megumin Entrance

3. Megumin can handle anything you throw at her!

Most OP party member you will ever have.

Megumin Hands