30 Gifs from the First 4 Episodes of Flip Flappers With More Than Enough Proof That This Show Is Awesome!

30 CRAZY Flip Flappers Gifs from the First Few Episodes! (Must See!)

I’ll admit it – I had my doubts going into this Anime but with a leap of fate I found myself indulged in the crazy world that is Flip Flappers (フリップフラッパーズ). Obviously this Anime isn’t your run-of-the-mill magical girl cutesy transform-and-shoot-sparkles anime but it isn’t as dark as Puella Madoka Magica either; this show has an incredibly unique, stylistic, and artist twist to it that you would not expect at all. Flip Flappers takes trace elements of Ghibli, TRIGGER,Toei Animation, and other staple anime studios in its art design, animation, and overall atmosphere.

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Flip Flappers First Opening (OP 1)


I could talk about this hidden gem all day but as they say online – gifs speak louder than words. Okay maybe they don’t say that but I digress! I hope these awesome gifs from the first four episodes of the show take you on just as amazing of an adventure the likes of which Cocona and Papika would approve of!

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1. Ten minutes into Flip Flappers and chill and she gives you this look.

You know what I mean…


2. Giving Dragon Ball a run for its money!

Yes – all the fights are like this and even better!


3. I’m getting serious FLCL vibes here!

There’s just something about robots and riding things through the air!