Top 20 Fujoshi Anime Characters (They DEFINE Fujoshi!)

Fujoshi, not to be confused with fudanshi, means “rotten girl” while fudanshi are “rotten boys”, both enjoying yaoi or any other BL works. Fujoshi take pride in their love of “Yaoi” and anything hinting towards yaoi in the real or anime/manga/novels universe. If it involves love between two men, the fujoshi are on the prowl to get their yaoi fix! That’s for sure…


Here is a list of our favorite Fujoshi (rotten girl) anime characters. If you’re a fan of fujoshi and their entertaining scenes in anime and manga, then you’ll enjoy getting to know these characters!

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1. Hiyori Tamura


Character Summary: Hiyori Tamura (otherwise known as Hiyorin), from Lucky Star, is a kind-hearted girl who is blessed with unfortunate luck and clumsiness. Though Hiyori is a clumsy girl, she is a doujin artist, always trying to find the story for her doujinshi. She tends to draw her friends in intense romantic scenes while getting excited.

2. Kenjiro Hato


Character Summary: Kenjiro Hato is your average fujoshi, but is also a fundashi! In the series Genshiken: Nidaime, Kenjiro is your typical lover of yaoi and boys love manga, though she is actually he, dressed in women’s clothing and putting on a more feminine voice. She usually gets flustered in embarrassing scenes and is a great artist, drawing some of the best yaoi in the entire series.