The Best NEET Anime List (Top 12 Recommendations)

These are really good!

Top 12 Best NEET Anime (#1 Will Change Your LIFE)

You’re Not in Education, Employment, or Training. By definition, this qualifies you as a NEET. Often confused with the term “hikikomori” as they go hand in hand (along with “otaku”), NEET typically choose this lifestyle by choice.
Though it may be seen as a problem in real-life society, the concept of NEET provides for great anime entertainment! For a nice change from the usual and abundant high school anime tropes, look no further than the list below. Our top 12 NEET Anime list awaits! We know you’ve got the time.

12. Battle Programmer Shirase (BPS)

battle-programmer-shirase-neetSynopsis/Plot Summary: A short series, BPS revolves around talented freelance hacker/programmer Akira Shirase who takes on small hacking/security jobs from corporations to even global security–all from the comfort of his room hosted by relatives. Shirase doesn’t accept money as compensation either, but rather all the sorts of things you’d imagine a NEET otaku would be into, from rare computer parts to cat girl posters. Who said programming was boring? Warning: Though the series series is episodic in nature, it was abruptly discontinued after episode 15.

11. Mekakucity Actors


Synopsis/Plot Summary: Based on the Kagerou Project that all started with a Vocaloid song series, Mekakucity Actors revolves around Shintarou Kisaragi, typical NEET/hikikomori who’s forced to venture outside for the first time in two years after accidentally spilling soda on his keyboard. On his voyage for a replacement, he’s unfortunately caught in a hostage situation, but not too long after is the conflict resolved by the help of the “Mekakushi Dan”, a group of teenagers with obscure eye powers. The result: he joins their group along with cyber girl Ene (who ironically lives in his computer) as he learns more about the eye-opening backstory behind Mekakushi Dan and its members.