The Best NEET Anime List (Top 12 Recommendations)

These are really good!

10. Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin (Nanana’s Buried Treasure)


Synopsis/Plot Summary: Nanae Island is a man-made location located in the Pacific Ocean that was created for the sake of children to achieve their wildest dreams. This just happens to be the perfect place for Juugo Yama, high-school student cast off by his father and now “cast away” on Nanae Island. With a love for adventure, he’s able to explore the mystery and hidden treasure of Nanae Island to his heart’s content, but with one caveat– his room’s haunted by a pudding-loving ghost girl with no other option but to live out her afterlife as a NEET. Her name is Nanana Ryuugajou and aside from being super cute, she’s the biggest mystery of the island. With no choice but to get used to living with her, Juugo must search for the hidden treasures that she in fact buried throughout the island, all while trying to uncover the truth behind her murder.

9. Rozen Maiden


Synopsis/Plot Summary: Due to a traumatizing experience from school, Sakurada Jun spends his time away from people as much as he possibly can, typically online, ordering just about anything he likes and returning it just before he has to pay for it. When he gets an order that gives him blatant instructions to leave the it in his desk drawer, he follows along only to see that it has instantly disappeared! In return, a package appears that contains a mysterious antique doll that comes to life when wound up. The doll (named Shinku), sees Jun as a servant and immediately begins to command him like one. Despite this, it’s up to this doll to help Jun overcome his fears–both old and new, due to the deadly battles to come from her appearance in his world.