The Best NEET Anime List (Top 12 Recommendations)

These are really good!

6. Higashi no Eden (Eden of the East)


Synopsis/Plot Summary: Dubbed “Careless Monday”, on November 22, 2010, ten missiles struck Japan yet no casualties resulted from the apparent terrorist act. During this event, Akira Takizawa led a team of 20,000 NEETs to battle against the terrorism and save Japan. He just can’t seem to remember it. Three months later, while on a graduation trip to America, college student Saki Morimi encounters Takizawa bare naked at the White House with a portable bank of a cellphone, loaded with 8.2 billion yen. An ordinary girl’s life is turned upside down as she befriends the man shrouded in mystery. What is the meaning behind any of this? And who exactly is Akira Takizawa?

5. Kuragehime (Princess Jellyfish)


Synopsis/Plot Summary: Meet jellyfish enthusiast Kurashita Tsukimi. Too socially awkward to stand up for a mistreated fellow jelly-friend while at the local pet store one day, she encounters and befriends a beautiful woman who’s everything she’s not, yet aspires to be. Tsukimi and her roommates now look up to this mysterious woman as their role model, following after her in hopes of gaining self-confidence throughout wild adventures. Can the princess learn to take the reigns and become queen?