The Best NEET Anime List (Top 12 Recommendations)

These are really good!

4. Osomatsu-san


Synopsis/Plot Summary: Follow the daily lives of not one but six NEETs, all living under the same roof! Osomatsu-san is all about the bizarre adventures (not that anime) of six identical siblings of the Matsuno household: Osomatsu, Kuramatsu, Choromatsu, Ichimatsu, Juushimatsu, and last but not least Todomatsu. All are over the age of 20, and all are NEETs. Though they sometimes attempt to find work to support their household, their individual yet quirky natures always leave them jobless. It’s not as though they wish to be NEETs, so have hope for the hopeless six as they face numerous endeavors to escape their lazy lifestyle!

3. No Game No Life


Synopsis/Plot Summary: Sora and Shiro are shut-in NEETs; the two siblings forming the elite online gamer duo known as “Kuuhaku”. Everything’s just a game in their eyes (even life itself), and when they accept a strange e-mail challenging them to a simple chess match, they’re somehow thrown into Disboard, a strange world where all conflicts are settled with games, and not war. The catch is that parties taking part in a challenge must wager something of equivalent value. Sounds like paradise to the duo, who aim for the top to become the gods of this new world. Who’s got the best poker face?