24 Awesome Yuri on Ice GIFs (That Will Leave Your Mouth WIDE Open)

24 Hot Yuri on Ice GIFs (CAUTION: Nosebleeds Ahead!)

Yuri!!! on Ice is one of the most prominent anime of 2016. From its jaw-dropping animation, to its lovable characters, Yuri!!! on Ice will have you hooked and keep you watching. The anime will take you on a journey of a man that finally gets his dream fulfilled: to meet his idol, the most adored and loved figure-skater, from Russia, Viktor Nikiforov.

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Yuri!!! on Ice – Opening Theme

At first glance, Yuuri Katsuki seems to be a fabulous skater, but he lacks the confidence to further his career in his favorite sport. One day, Viktor comes along, after watching a performance of his, and proposes to coach Yuuri. Together they take the sport of ice-skating by storm. To find out what becomes of Yuuri and Viktor, start watching this amazing one of a kind anime. It will keep you on your toes, literally, from start to finish!

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1. Welcome to Yuri!!! on Ice.

…where dreams really do come true.

Yuri!!! on Ice OP

2. Prepare yourselves!

Things are about to get pretty “rough.”

3. Delicate as an orchid, fair as a cherry blossom.

The personification of feminine grace.