24 Awesome Yuri on Ice GIFs (That Will Leave Your Mouth WIDE Open)

24 Hot Yuri on Ice GIFs (CAUTION: Nosebleeds Ahead!)

Yuri!!! on Ice is one of the most prominent anime of 2016. From its jaw-dropping animation, to its lovable characters, Yuri!!! on Ice will have you hooked and keep you watching. The anime will take you on a journey of a man that finally gets his dream fulfilled: to meet his idol, the most adored and loved figure-skater, from Russia, Viktor Nikiforov.

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Yuri!!! on Ice – Opening Theme

At first glance, Yuuri Katsuki seems to be a fabulous skater, but he lacks the confidence to further his career in his favorite sport. One day, Viktor comes along, after watching a performance of his, and proposes to coach Yuuri. Together they take the sport of ice-skating by storm. To find out what becomes of Yuuri and Viktor, start watching this amazing one of a kind anime. It will keep you on your toes, literally, from start to finish!

1. Welcome to Yuri!!! on Ice.

…where dreams really do come true.

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Yuri!!! on Ice OP

2. Prepare yourselves!

Things are about to get pretty “rough.”

3. Delicate as an orchid, fair as a cherry blossom.

The personification of feminine grace.