The 10 Best Hulu Anime in 2017 (#4 Was UNPREDICTABLE!)

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The Ultimate Hulu Anime List for 2017 (Top 10 BEST Hulu Anime!!)

Sometimes after a long day you just want to sit back, relax, and watch some high-quality 1080p anime…I know I do. Fortunately, Hulu is one of the best options for this! By the way, if you haven’t checked out our Best Netflix Anime of 2017 we highly suggest that you do! 🙂


These may not have been released this year but they’re some of the anime classics, both new and old, you’re able to catch on Hulu in 2017! If you’re missing out on these then you should definitely pick up the slack and watch ’em, ’cause they’re all right here in this Hulu anime list catered just for you!

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10. Bungo Stray Dogs


Synopsis: Atsushi Nakajima is swiftly kicked out of his orphanage after being suspected of strange incidents occurring and is left essentially homeless. As it all seems to be coming to an end he encounters a rather peculiar man who appears to be drowning in a river. It turns out this man, Osamu Dazai, has been researching the same mystery along with his partner Doppo Kunikida. After solving the mystery Atsushi is left in a difficult situation — which eventually causes him to get involved in Dazai’s organization, a firm of supernatural investigators.


9. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0


Synopsis: Mirai Onozawa hates her family situation and wishes everything would fall apart. Unfortunately, as Mirai and her brother Yuuki are at Odaiba for a robot exhibition she gets her wish and an immense magnitude 8.0 earthquake strikes Japan’s Kanto region. Powerless to stop it the kids helplessly watch the overwhelming destruction occur — taking the city with it. Luckily surviving, the two come across Mari Kusakabe, a single mom who lends her hand to the two. With the ultimate goal of returning to their families, the group makes their way through the leveled city.