Intel Does THIS To Promote Their New Computers…Awesome!

Intel Computers as Anime characters? Sign me up!

Intel isn’t the first Japanese company to do something like this, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome! They’re holding a contest to see who can best ‘personify’ their new devices with Anime style characters. It’s an awesome way to appeal to the gamers out there that are also Anime fans!

I Thought These Cat Ears Were Normal Until They Did This ONE Amazing Thing...

Meet ‘Z’, the handsome mascot for the Vaio Z

otakuscape_5afa2bae2e612d69via kotaku

Here is the TOSHIBA dynabook R82’s adorable mascot here to say hello!

otakuscape_fc73fb5d7c100602via kotaku

The super cool mascot for the Dell Venue 8 7000 (this thing sounds like it wants  to take over the world!)

otakuscape_c2ac3c9827c20199via kotaku

ASUS TransBook T300 Chi’s mascot is super cute!

otakuscape_755f544907ee0c48via kotaku

Virtual Reality Takes you into Studio Ghibli Worlds!

And last but not least we have Wendy-chan here, with the FUJITSU ESPRIMO WH77/S

otakuscape_25b36356162d95f8via kotaku

Ummm. Is it me, or is Wendy the cutest one? LOL.

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