Take a Bite out of These Irresistible Japanese Desserts! (I Wanna Eat #30 Right NOW!)

These make me so hungry!

Japanese desserts are a special breed — you just can’t find anything else like them in other cultures! From yummy mochi to matcha flavors and tasty tofu, these delectable sweets will have your mouth watering and craving for something to satisfy your sweet tooth asap!

P.S. — We warned you. 😉

Amazing Japanese Desserts (54 Most DELISH Sweets in Japan!)

1. Pocky Parfait

Everyone loves Pocky, and if you don’t or know someone who doesn’t, then they’re probably eating the wrong flavor! That being said, what’s better than your favorite flavor of Pocky in a delicious parfait!?

A Japanese Restaurant Sells THIS (and I'm in Love)

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2. Yuzu and Tofu Cheesecakes

A yummy twist on the traditional cheesecake — just add Japanese pudding! 🙂


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3. Kinako Soy Bean Flour Ice Cream

A traditional dessert with a Japanese spin to it! Kinako is a type of flour made from soybeans used to give an earthy flavor and sweetness to Japanese desserts. It compliments vanilla really well.

A Japanese Restaurant Sells THIS (and I'm in Love)

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4. Matcha Lemon Drizzle Cake

A must-try for anyone who has a love for citrus and/or green tea flavors, this Lemon Drizzle Cake is a combination of green tea and lemons topped off with a healthy helping of leafy matcha.


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5. Sakura Cherry Blossom Swiss Roll

This pale pink swiss roll gets its flavor from the use of sakura-an, a type of bean paste made with crushed and pickled sakura cherry blossom petals, giving it a sweet and floral flavor — perfect for spring!


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