This Skirt Has Robot Arms to Do Things for You! WTF

Okay look – if you’ve ever wanted to be cute and grab a drink as you’re writing an essay and juggling water balloons then this is probably your dream skirt. I’ve only seen stuff like this in Anime but apparently the future has a lot of surprises in store for us and this is just one of them – haha!

Anime Robot Arm Skirt What the Heck

絶対領域拡張計画第二弾 乙女の生活をサポート #technology #robots #fashion #girl #technofashion #art

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This awesome skirt is designed by Kiyoyuki Amano (a designer notorious for his… um ‘unique’ skirt designs) and this time he hasn’t ceased to amaze people with this contraption you’d only see in an Anime before this!

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Not a believer? Think it’s made up? Well then I have the perfect video for you. Here’s something in case you didn’t believe what you just read!

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How are they controlled you ask? They come with a remote control so no you can’t control it with your brain-power (yet!) but with how crazy this thing is we wouldn’t remove that from the realm of possibilities in the future – LOL! You can check out their instagram here: instagram/armskirt/