Top 20 PERFECT Examples of What a Kuudere Is! (List of Kuudere Girls)

Kuudere is an anime/manga term describing a person that is introverted, cold, or just hostile towards someone they care about or that cares about them. On the outside, they seem this way but on the inside, they are actually kind and caring people, sometimes showing this side in certain characters. They put up a tough facade, but they are really just vulnerable individuals trying to find someone that accepts them for who they really are.


Here are the top 20 kuudere anime girls that define the term so perfectly and who will make you a fan of kuuderes, if you aren’t one already!

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Kuudere Meaning/What is Kuudere (Definition & 20 Cute Kuudere Girls!!)

1. Rei Ayanami


Character Summary: Rei Ayanami, First Child, the pilot of the Evangelion Unit-00, does not socialize with anyone at school, nor does she care to unless she is tasked to do it. She comes off as stuck-up to others at school but eventually shows more of her cute and cheerful side with Gendo Akari, and seems to trust in his work quite a bit.

2. Nagato Yuki


Character Summary: Nagato Yuki is one of the members of the SOS Brigade, alien created by the Data Overmind, that is disguised as an average cute and introverted high school student of North High. She rarely shows any true expressions of a real human, but she is capable of learning anything within minutes, which includes picking up a guitar in a day!