Top 20 PERFECT Examples of What a Kuudere Is! (List of Kuudere Girls)

5. Misaki Mei


Character Summary: “The one that does not exist,” is the label Misaki Mei is given by her classmates. Originally polite and refraining from speaking with her classmates, Mei begins to come out of her shell upon meeting Kouichi, even though she tells him to avoid her at all costs to protect him. Mei is also an artist and is part of the art club, and hates cell phones because being connected by people by electromagnetic waves disturbs her.

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6. Konjiki no Yami


Character Summary: Konjiki no Yami, or “Golden Darkness,” is an assassin who gets hired by Lacospo to kill Rito Yuuki. Yami hates perverted or ecchi people, and she is usually emotionless or withdrawn from conversations around her. Her weakness is surprisingly anything that is slimy and tentacles. She is an avid reader, reading to learn more about Earth and its culture and to know what love is, and what it means to be in love.