The 20 Cutest Anime Girls That Wear Glasses (What Is Meganekko?)

What Is the Definition/Meaning of Meganekko (20 Cute Anime Girls with Glasses)

Before we get into exactly what a meganekko is we should look into the actual word first (and no, it isn’t a super-powered cat). As you probably know the Japanese word ‘megane’ means glasses, but the suffix, ‘ko’ means child (using the kanji for daughter). Meganekko are usually the quiet, intelligent, beautiful types featured in an Anime series. These characters types, while usually very beautiful are seen as the more realistic choice for not only the characters in the show, but for the viewer as well. These girls are usually more down to earth and easier to communicate with than the typical bishoujou we usually see in Anime. The glasses or ‘megane’ play a rather large part in her attraction and she is usually seen as less attractive without them because they reduce their endearing vulnerability.

Meganekko in Anime

Now there are a poop-ton of cute Anime girls with glasses, or ‘meganekko’ to be seen! Here are 20 of the more notable examples of these adorable girls/women found in Anime in no particular order:

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1. Tsubasa Hanekawa from the Monogatari Series


Character Summary: Hanekawa Tsubasa is a character from the monogatari series who in the earlier season wore her hair in a set of two braids and ties them with ribbons. Hanekawa later cuts her hair short for various reasons. She is her school’s class president (Naoetsu Private High School) and is almost always seen with her school uniform on – this slightly changes in a later arc. She is very  knowledgeable and her favorite phrase is, “I don’t know everything, I just know what I know.”.
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2. Sonohara Anri from Durarara


Character Summary: Anri Sonohara is a megane wearing girl who attends Raira academy along with Mikado and Masaomi (the other two main characters) in Durarara. Fitting the stereotype correctly she is quiet and mostly reserved to herself. Being rather busty and overall cute, she is quite popular amongst the characters.
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3. Mari Illustrious Makinami from the Neon Genesis Evangelion Series


Character Summary: Mari is an Eva pilot introduced during the second installment of the four part Evangelion remake series. Not much is know about her aside from the fact that she is the pilot of the Evangelion Unit-05 and is possibly the most content with piloting one. She knows various backdoors into both Nerv and the Eva operational programs. Not only does she have vast knowledge in these prior areas, she is also able to access abilities known only to the higher-up staff of Nerv. She absolutely loves combat and piloting Eva, and is always exciting to dive into battle with an Angel.
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