I Thought These Cat Ears Were Normal Until They Did This ONE Amazing Thing…

These emotion reading cat ears are too freaking cool!

Necomimi is a technology that reads your brainwaves in order to move them (yes, the ears!) depending on how you’re feeling at a certain time! They come in a variety of colors but most importantly they’re way cute! Imagine walking around with a bunch of friends with these eras on. The stares you’d get would be too funny! xD The technology used to do this is awesome but the best part is the video below showing them off!

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They’re too cute!

otakuscape_ad6b0a99009b97ffvia otakumode.com

How it reads your mind!

otakuscape_619cb3833c7e912bvia otakumode.com

What certain ear movements mean!

otakuscape_1ae401eff1add87evia otakumode.com

The video showing them in action!

via youtube.com
This was released a while back but they’re sooo awesome. I think they have a tail now to match! It’s so cool how far we’ve come. Who knew we’d have freaking kitty ears that could basically READ OUR MINDS?

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