What Is the Definition of Oppai in English? (What Is Oppai?)

2. Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail


Character Summary: Lucy is the main female character in the Anime and is introduced almost immediately in the series. One series of events leads to another and she eventually joins the Fairy Tail guild. Out of all of their members Lucy is portrayed as the most level headed and sane individual. While the other members seem to lack even common sense Lucy is there to make up for it. She knows she is sexy and isn’t afraid to show it off. Despite coming off as vain she is very passionate about literature and is even in the process of writing her own adventure novel based on her travels. She comes from a rich and influential family but no longer has ties with her mother and father.
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1. Inoue Orihime from Bleach


Character Summary: Orihime is an air-headed, big chested, red head with an odd taste for food. One of her favorite dishes is peanut butter on sweet potatoes. Despite being mentally dense, she gets surprisingly high marks in school. She is one of Ichigo’s main love interests in the series and has a tendency to sense his spiritual pressure rather easily. She is very friendly and kind but she also has the fighting skill of a black belt.
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