The Pikachu Themed Lingerie That You’ll Probably Never Get!

I’ve been alive and a Pokemon fan for quite a while (okay maybe I haven’t been alive for THAT long) and I’ve never seen Pikachu like this before – in sexy lingerie form (the best one is at the end of the post)!

Now BEFORE YOU GET CRAZY these went on sale for Pokemon’s 20th anniversary and are currently all sold out (hence the title). But who knows – maybe they’ll peek their head out in the near future?

Pikachu in Sexy Lingerie Form (and Other Awesomely Cute Goodies)


This Pikachu poncho towel went for around $50.00 USD so it’s a bit pricey!


But you honestly can’t say it isn’t amazing!12516_6


The Pikachu panties and Pokeball laundry pouch both came in at around $15.00 USD each. (:

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And it isn’t only lingerie we have here, there are other awesome cute and sexy Pikachu things you’ll love. Like this more toned down Pikachu Pajama set and it went for $54.00 USD!


Definitely not as flashy, but it is super cute – this set is one of my favorites



In case you were wondering #25 is Pikachu’s number in the national Pokedex (for the less die hard Pokemon fans out there). Naturally you’d have this on Pikachu pajamas – duh. Haha!


And we can’t forget the sleeping mask with Pikachu’s face on it!


Why so angry? (to be honest we’re all a bit grumpy when we’re sleepy)

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My personal favorite (because it’s actually pretty hilarious to me for some reason) is this particular set with a ton of Pikachu plushies on it. It’s cute but so over the top it’s genius!


Now I know what you’re thinking. “Where the heck can I get this one?!” Sad day – you can’t get this one ever because it’s apparently for modeling purposes only! But you can still look! Or you can just become a model (whichever’s easier for you). No big deal right?

You can check out the exclusive Yummy Mart Pokemon Collection at their online store here! As said earlier – it seems they’re out of stock as of publishing this article, but fingers crossed?