I’ve Only Seen Maid Cafes in Anime But This One In Real Life…Oh Man!

I’ve Only Seen Maid Cafes in Anime, But This One In Real Life…Oh Man!

Maid Cafes, or “Meido kafe” in Japanese, are a pop culture phenomenon in the Akihabara area of Tokyo (pretty much the freaking Anime hub of the UNIVERSE). Now I’ve seen plenty of Maid Cafes in Anime but seeing one in real life makes it THAT much cooler. Check out a snap of Akihabara and a picture / video example of a REAL LIFE Maid Cafe!

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Akihabara is super beautiful at night!


Adorable “Maids” in these places usually dress up similar to this!


Here’s a video of a real Maid Cafe experience!

I dunno about anyone else but I’d love being called “master” and treated like royalty while I eat… well actually – I just like food so eating anything really would make me happy. LOL.

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