12 Romantic Manga to Start Reading NOW! (Best Recommendations)

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Top 12 BEST Romantic Manga (#4 Is Just as AMAZING as the Movie!!)

Ever watch an anime, and wishing there was more to it? Maybe you were disappointed with where it ended, or that it was rushed. Anime these days do tend to mostly be around twelve episodes, which is such a shame!

Well, there can be more! Although we love seeing those wonderful scenes animated, a good portion of anime is adapted from the manga. You can have the more than you wanted, and there are times where the best stories are never animated. So, if you love good storylines, characters, or just want more, stick around for this list.

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12. Honto Yajuu

Synopsis: A lot of things can happen while being a cop. Stopping thieves, trying to catch the culprit, and trying to do the job to the best of your ability. However, you never expect to be confessed to while chasing an underwear thief and to make matters better by a yakuza. This happens to Ueda Tomoharu, who has no idea how dangerous it is to be dating someone like Gotouda Aki. Aki doesn’t mind dating a policeman, but who knows what will happen to the couple?

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11. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Synopsis: Have you ever confessed to someone, and they misunderstood your feelings? Rather than seeing it as love, they think of you as a fan? Unfortunately, that’s how Sakura Chiyo’s confession to Nozaki-kun went. Unknowing to her, Nozaki-kun is a well-known mangaka. What will she do as she is invited to his house? Will she be able to make him realize that her feelings are more than a fan’s?