12 Romantic Manga to Start Reading NOW! (Best Recommendations)

Love love love!

10. Hi no Tori

Synopsis: “All things are born and all things die. That is the law of heaven.” The Phoenix is a well-known spirit of life, death, and rebirth. In this story, those who have been blessed by the Phoenix end up hunting her down. Wanting eternal life, have wisdom, or cause eternal suffering. It not only focuses on the present, but their actions in the past reflect their sins in all timelines.

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9. Sakamichi no Apollon

Synopsis: Kaoru Nishimi, top student, and pianist arrived in Kyushu for school. His life has been filled with moving from place to place and has given up on the idea of being alone. Never underestimate meetings with delinquents (like Sentarou Kawabuchi), because they sure know how to change someone. Sentarou’s love for jazz music gives Kaoru that push to come out of his shell and making some friends along the way.