12 Romantic Manga to Start Reading NOW! (Best Recommendations)

Love love love!

8. Chikan Otoko

Synopsis: Molester Man is a perverted otaku. While walking home from work, he is accused of being a stalker and gets arrested. He is released after clearing up the misunderstanding, and afterward, he finds out a girl, whom he refers to as Miss Understanding, was going through some problems with her stalker. He offers to help her, obviously, so he can date her. He ends up becoming closer to Miss Understanding and her friends, far beyond his own expectations.

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7. Skip Beat!

Synopsis: Never follow your love interest without truly knowing them. Kyouko Mogami goes with Shoutarou Fuwa to Tokyo so she could support him while he works to become a top idol. Things go downhill when she finds out Shou considered her as a housekeeper, rather than a friend. To get her revenge, Kyouko decides to join the entertainment industry, and become an even better idol than him. The entertainment business is not easy, and there can be many setbacks. Will Kyouko be able to get her revenge?