12 Romantic Manga to Start Reading NOW! (Best Recommendations)

Love love love!

6. Beck

Synopsis: Yukio Tanaka spent his middle school days listening to Japanese pop music and getting through life (wasn’t that all of us though?). Just as we thought, an encounter with guitarist Ryuusuke Minami changes Yukio’s viewpoint on things. He has realized what has been missing and wants to play the guitar. Not only does it focus on romance, but it also shows the trial of someone trying to pursue a professional career in music.

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5. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Synopsis: The key to music is following the tempo, keeping track of the metronome that sets the pace. Kousei Arima was a prodigy when it came to the piano, but he stopped after his mother, Saki Arima) passed away. He could no longer hear his piano, preventing him from being able to play. He is still avoiding the piano two years later, and he encounters Kaori Miyazono. The meeting with her changed his world and sets him up on a path that will lead him to his piano again.