A Japanese Restaurant Sells THIS (and I’m in Love)

I don’t care how it makes me feel the next day!

This Japanese Burger Is Literally ALL Burger! (Would You Eat This?)

If you thought McDonald’s or Burger King was bad for you then oh boy, have we got some news for you…A Japanese restaurant going by the name of “Shake Tree” has hamburgers made entirely out of, you guessed it, burgers! While something like this is nowhere near traditional Japanese food — Shake Tree is probably a must-visit if you’re ever in the area.

This place looks super classy, especially for a burger joint!

And before you say anything — no, we’re not joking with you and it isn’t Photoshop either. Their menu is right here! We’ll show you more mouthwatering pictures but we’re going to have to give you some warning beforehand ’cause you’re going to want to try making one of these yourself. Should we add a “do not try at home” label to this post? Just kidding!

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You DO have to admit this looks delicious, though.

I mean, what does “negative side-effects” even mean anyway?

BRB booking a plane ticket to Japan right now.

Purely delicious — I bet it tastes as good as it looks! 🙂

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