The Best AMVs You’ll Ever See, The Last One Will Leave You Speechless

The Best AMVs You’ll Ever See

Do you remember the golden days of AMVs? The days when everyone and their grandmas made them? (I admit, I even had some and still have some on Youtube to this very day). Well today they’re still being made (not surprisingly) but I’ve never paid much attention to them recently because I’ve pretty much grown out of that phase. However I’ve managed to come across this user named “Baka Oppai” on Youtube. Their creations are pretty much genius and very professional. You can tell there was a lot of work put into these and they are hands down some of the best I’ve seen! Check them out! They’re super catchy and the editing is flawless! You may even spot some of your favorite Anime in them.

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A Piece Of Toast

A Salty Stick

Anime 404

Were these some of the best AMVs you’ve seen? C’mon they were at least entertaining, right? Either way you can tell there was a lot of work put into them!
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