Virtual Reality Takes you into Studio Ghibli Worlds!

So yes, this IS a thing and you’d be lying if you claimed you didn’t wanna try it out. We’ve all wanted to be transported into a studio Ghibli world (regardless of the movie) and this is probably the best way to do it – ever!

See Totoro Up Close With Virtual Reality!

Unfortunately the chances of the average consumer having either the Oculus Rift or HTV Vive within an arm’s reach is pretty slim, but it’s still an awesome way we’ve come with technology and once VR becomes more accessible who knows what’ll be out there!

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Downloading the demo offers you the possibility to enter any of the three scenes – the boiler room from Spirited Away, the meadow from Howl’s moving castle, and the bus stop from My Neighbor Totoro!

There is good news for those with virtual reality headsets though and that’s the fact that this is all free! You can download it at! (:

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Unfortunately there isn’t TOO much you can do in these awesome demos but regardless we’re still pretty darn hyped about them! Imagine what the future holds. I’d love to go on a full blown Ghibli adventure one day. (:


(P.S I’ve tried out VR before and wow – it’s like you’re ACTUALLY there.)