What Is the Definition/Meaning of Kemonomimi (20 Anime Characters with Animal Ears)

20 Anime Characters with Animal Ears/Tail (Kemonomimi Meaning)

Before we get started let’s get all our terms down first. I can bet my left arm you’ve heard of the term “Nekomimi” before, and if you haven’t then I guess I just lost an arm. However you’re in more luck than me because we’re about to get down to explainin’ some stuff. As you know “Neko” is Japanese for cat, and “Mimi” is the Japanese word for ears; together nekomimi means cat ears. Now that we’ve gotten the more widely known term down we can get right into the term we’re concentrating on today, “Kemonomimi” or animal ears. Nekomimi and all of the other animal eared characters fall within the wide blanket term of Kemonomimi; these are characters that have animal ears or tails, natural or not. Kemonomimi aren’t usually fully animal and are still majority human just with the aforementioned features.

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Kemonomimi in Anime

Kemonomimi are very common across Anime and today we’ll be going into some of the most popular and loved animal eared Anime characters (say that ten times fast).



20. Kurousagi (Black Rabbit) from Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? (Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren’t They?)

Character Summary: Kurousagi is a 200 year old rabbit-eared girl who lives in Little Garden; the one responsible for summoning the problem child. In attemps to maintain a serious attitude she easily gets flustered and when using her power Kurousagi’s blue hair turns pink as she is granted increased power and speed.
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Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? Trailer

19. Galil AR from Upotte!!

commie-upotte-09-725b92d8-mkv_snapshot_03-55_2012-07-05_14-53-19Character Summary: In this Anime every girl is literally a lethal weapon. Galil is based on an Israeli Galil AR; she is a transfer student and Sako’s partner. Both hold a hatred towards Ichiroku, a variant of an old enemy of hers, the AK 47. To make it even more odd she has canine features such as dog ears and a tail.
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Upotte!! Trailer

18. Tsugumi from Guilty Crown

Character Summary: Tsugumi is an amazing hacker and cyber warfare specialist of the group “Undertaker”. She plays a very supportive role from the Command Hub. Monitoring battles, Tsugumi relays important information between Undertaker Units. Her way of speaking is very brash and cheeky, speaking even to her leader unreservedly. She has no special combative capabilities but is fearless and ruthless when it comes to her friend Ayase.
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