What Is the Definition/Meaning of Kemonomimi (20 Anime Characters with Animal Ears)

17. Eclair Martinozzi from Dog Days


Character Summary: Éclair has trained as a knight since childhood and is proficient in dual-sword wielding. She is a 14 year old Knight of Biscotti and while having a serious attitude she is stubborn as well. She has a complex about her ears as they are a bit smaller than other characters. She plays the “straight man” on many occasions and is a tsundere towards a certain character.
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16. Aisha Clanclan from Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star (Outlaw Star)

tumblr_n8kxbsx34p1snn0hpo1_500Character Summary: Aisha is a part of the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire and from a young age excelled in all her classes. Her race is a cross between a human and a tiger. She is very proud and aggressive. Her power is magnified even more when the need to morph into her beast form come into play.
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15. Kirara Bernstein from GJ-bu (GJ Club)


Character Summary: Kirara is a very strong, tall girl with blue eyes and blonde hair in the shape of cat ears. Regardless of this she is very afraid of spiders because she was bitten by one at a young age. Kirara is always eating some sort of meat and is often very possessive of it for some reason. Oh yea, she can also talk with cats.
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