What Is the Definition/Meaning of Kemonomimi (20 Anime Characters with Animal Ears)

14. Rito Tsukimi from Absolute Duo

Character Summary: Riko is a newly graduated homeroom teacher at Kouryou Academy. She always wears bunny ears and a maid dress that makes her quite strange in the eyes of others. Her hair is long and straight, reacher to her hips. Riko also has radiant blue-violet eyes. There’s also more to her personality than meets the eye.
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13. Izuna Hatsuse from No Game No Life

Character Summary: Izuna is an adorable werebeast girl. Sora and Shiro have a habit of touching and petting her furry tail and she seems to thoroughly enjoy it. Izuna shares a lot of characteristics with Sora and Shiro mainly her lack of common sense and being extremely competent at gaming.
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12. Jibril from No Game No Life

tumblr_n5kiawjoya1saxdy4o1_500Character Summary: Jibril is the youngest of her race, the Flugels; and also happens to be the strongest. She has an insatiable love for knowledge. While in the past she had won the National Library of Elchea from the previous king in a game she goes on to lose a game to Sora (at first a challenge to gain the knowledge of other kingdoms); losing everything she owns, becoming Sora and Shiro’s servant. Regardless of losing she was allowed to keep and maintain the library although now she must share it with the rest of Imanity.
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