What Is the Definition/Meaning of Kemonomimi (20 Anime Characters with Animal Ears)

8. Boris Airay from Heart no Kuni no Alice: Wonderful Wonder World (Alice in the Country of Hearts)

Character Summary: Boris loves riddles, is the counterpart of the Cheshire Cat, and has actual functional cat ears and a tail. He works in the Amusement Park District and regardless of being a sly, devious character, he becomes rather close to Alice.
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7. Schrodinger from Hellsing Ultimate

Character Summary: Schrödinger is a member of the Millennium Elite and has the power to appear “everywhere and nowhere”. He is a catboy with the amazing power to regenerate even fatal wounds.
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6. Neko from K

Character Summary: Neko has long, pale pink, messy hair reaching down along her back and past her knees. Her right iris is blue and her left one is green as a result of Heterochromia iridum. Her figure is slender however she is quite shapely with rather large oppai. She is a very joyful, energetic, and carefree person. Neko is also not nervous at all being naked especially around men and even says she doesn’t particularly enjoy wearing clothes.
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