What Is the Definition/Meaning of Kemonomimi (20 Anime Characters with Animal Ears)

5. Tomoe from Kamisama Hajimemashita (Kamisama Kiss)

Character Summary: Former familiar to the land god, Mikage, Tomoe is currently the familiar of a girl named Nanami, sealing their contract with a kiss. He worries a lot about Namami and often defends her, threatening those who harm or speak ill of her. Tomoe has a talent for cooking and is seen as being very dedicated to the shrine. It is also hinted at that he has feelings for Nanami based on the kind acts he does for her in addition to him showing signs of jealousy when other guys hang around her.
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4. Ichigo Momomiya from Tokyo Mew Mew

tumblr_noh8t1gxzi1tef408o1_500 Character Summary: Ichigo used to be a regular 13-year old until she found herself being the leader of a group of girls whose DNA were mysteriously merged with that of the Iriomote Wildcat. Like those other girls, Ichigo’s DNA was too mysteriously fused this that of this endangered species. The group calls themselves Tokyo Mew Mew. Their mission is to save the world from Chimera Animas, aliens, and the alien leader. At first Ichigo doesn’t want the task that has been given to her but she eventually realizes she has to do it.
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3. Nachetania Loei Piena Augustra from Rokka no Yuusha

Character Summary: She is the first princess of Piena, the biggest kingdom in the continent. Because of this she is the first in line to succeed the current king and was also chosen as the new Saint of Blades three years ago. She is the very embodiment of nobilty and dignity. Nashetania has a gorgeous look with beautiful long hair, big red eyes, plump lips, and a charming face. While it looks like the ears are hers, it is just a helmet she wears into battle. She wields a rapier with a jewel mounted grip.
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