The Greatest Evolutions for Eevee in Pokemon (#6 Is the Prettiest One!)

They’re so cute!

What Is the Best Eevee Evolution? (Here’s a Ranked List of Them!)

Best legendary? No. This debate has always stood the test of time since the days of Blue’s hair flips with each annoyingly taunting step. Since the trendsetting, shorts-toting bug enthusiast who wouldn’t leave you alone. Back then, there were only three Eeveelutions people could argue about all day (with the exception of B-mashers and those who swear by the Everstone come Generation II). Now on its seventh generation, the eternal question of Pokémon still begs: What is the best Eeveelution?
We’re here to decide based on factors of not only competitive statistics but cuteness and even coolness alike, just like the Pokémon Contests we all miss. Which Eevee evolution will reign supreme? Keep in mind, your own personal favorite may be based on looks, element, or even just how well it fits in with your team competitively or aesthetically (but we swear it won’t be vanilla Eevee). In any case, here is our top list of the best Eeveelutions!

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8. Leafeon

Introduced in Generation IV and in the presence of a Moss Rock (which your Eevee must be leveled up near should you choose this route; think the northern Lush Jungle if you’re currently playing Sun & Moon), Leafeon is actually more of the pacifist-type despite it’s sharp, leafy edges. While we don’t deny its cuteness and positive influence on the environment, Leafeon doesn’t have too much to offer in terms of competition.
Being only a standard grass type, Leafeon is susceptible to a lot (flying, poison, bug, fire, and ice-type moves), so there’s a lot to watch out for. Regardless, it can still be a good addition to anyone’s team who isn’t satisfied with other leaf types, especially for those who wish to fill that grassy gap in their Eevee exclusive teams. That being said, though, it doesn’t nearly compete with its other evo-siblings.

7. Flareon

With its fiery colors and “flaming” mane, tail, and head of hair (ironically it uses it’s fluffy collar to actually cool down its body temperature), Flareon comes in next and is accessible through evolving your Eevee with a Fire Stone. One of the original three Eeveelutions, Flareon makes up for those wanting a cute fire alternative if you possibly didn’t choose Charmander in Gen I, aren’t really a dog person in the case of Growlithe, or just somehow managed not to fall for Vulpix/Ninetails’ beauty and grace.
Again, Flareon can be a key player in an all Eevee-exclusive team, and can also pack a major punch while still having such a small stature. Just watch out for those water, ground, and rock-type moves and there shouldn’t be any serious issues. For the record, though, Flareon is definitely the warmest and cuddliest of all Eeveelutions.