The Greatest Evolutions for Eevee in Pokemon (#6 Is the Prettiest One!)

They’re so cute!

4. Umbreon

Espeon’s partner-in-crime (remember Pokémon Colosseum?) also making its debut in Gen II, Umbreon can be evolved from Eevee the same way by leveling up with high friendship, only during the night rather than day. It is identified by its sleek black fur, red eyes, yellow bands around its ears and tail, along with yellow rings on its legs and forehead that glow in the darkness when it’s ready to strike. As you’d guess, Umbreon is a Dark-type Pokémon, and according to the Pokédex, it can even spray a poisonous sweat as a defense mechanism (yes, it can be taught Toxic).
As a pure Dark-type, Umbreon need only be wary of fighting, bug, and fairy-type moves, and is even completely immune to Psychic-types! From the competitive aspect, Umbreon is a highly defensive player which can typically drag out battles (usually in its favor), but it does mean that it lacks in the offensive department. Nonetheless, Umbreon can make a great support to any team and can even hold its own, should the battle ever get to that point (just be prepared to teach it a few TMs)!

3. Sylveon

The absolute pinnacle of cuteness, Sylveon is the most recent addition to the Eeveelution family, first taking the stage in Gen VI. It is a pure Fairy-type Pokémon that can be evolved from an Eevee that knows any Fairy-type move (so don’t let it forget Baby-Doll Eyes or Charm!) and has at least two Affection Hearts in Pokémon Refresh. Sylveon has cream-colored fur with pink and blue accents on its ears, tail, feelers, and feet. It even has two very cute and stylish bow-like appendages, one just below its left ear and the other around its neck like a bow tie, and has two feelers streaming down from each of the bows exclusively.
Don’t take Sylveon’s cuteness for granted, though, as being a Fairy-type makes it completely immune to the ever popular Dragon-type, and highly resistant to fighting, bug, and dark-type moves. With its plethora of Fairy-type moves that it can learn, Sylveon can strike fear into the hearts of Dark, Dragon, and Fighting-type Pokémon, making up for its smaller damage output with the exception of Moonblast learned at level 37. Sylveon isn’t just all show and with one on your team, you can definitely leave your opponent in awe.