The Greatest Evolutions for Eevee in Pokemon (#6 Is the Prettiest One!)

They’re so cute!

2. Jolteon

Up next is Jolteon, filling that token electric-type gap when you’ve honestly had enough of Pikachu. Not only do they look awesome, sporting an electrifying coat of fur (the ears are the best) and regal white mane, they have a pretty cool ability called Volt Absorb, allowing them to turn any electric-type attack directed at them into HP. Its sharp hairs can even become needles that are fired at opponents (they actually learn Pin Missle through leveling up)!
Electric types are essential to any team, having so many strengths and only being weak to ground-type moves, so Jolteon being another pure Electric-type makes it a fierce (and fearsome) partner for any team, Eevee-exclusive or not. It’s pretty self-explanatory that you only simply need to evolve your Eevee with a Thunder Stone to acquire Jolteon and all its greatness, so it’s even one of the easier Eeveelutions to make a part of your team!

1. Vaporeon

Water types are probably my absolute favorite type of Pokémon, and Vaporeon doesn’t fail to impress. Out of the three original Eeveelutions alongside Flareon and Jolteon, Vaporeon honestly looks the most unique with its split mermaid-like tail fin, white ruff around its collar, and three cream-colored fins found on the top and either side of its head. In my opinion, Vaporeon may very well be the best-looking Eeveelution, and it has the ability to match.
Rain-sensing fins and a cellular composition akin to water molecules that allow it to change into a liquid form at will to boot, Vaporeon personifies the ideal Water-type Pokémon, of course in Eevee form. It’s pretty obvious what to watch out for (grass and electric-type movies you’ll want to stay away from), but Vaporeon does sport great defense against steel, fire, ice, and of course other water-types. Its Water Absorb ability can turn water attacks against it into HP, and it even learns Hydro Pump on its own come level 45. In any case, it only takes a simple Water Stone to allow your Eevee to take to the waves, and with what Vaporeon can offer, you’ll find it a decision you just can’t regret.

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