Top 20 Anime Girls Who DEFINE Yandere (They’re CRAZY!)

The real yandere meaning found in numerous anime/manga/visual novels shows yandere as rather psychotic/violent and usually push their beliefs onto other people. They are individuals who relish in the thought of their obsessive behavior thinking that they can benefit one but can cause harm to others if they get too close to the yandere’s special person of interest that is. Never underestimate what a yandere is capable of. In anime, you will be surprised by the lengths a yandere take to make sure they are chosen by their beloved love interest.


Be ready to plunge into a world of despair and fear now that you are wrapped in the world of yandere. Now, with a switch of a blade, we bring to you the most cutting-edge list of 20 yandere anime characters you will never forget!

14 of the Scariest Anime Girls out There! (OMG Talk About Creepy!)

20 CRAZY Anime Girls! (BEST Yandere Characters List)

1. Takami Minatsuki


Character Summary: Takami Minatsuki, otherwise known as Hummingbird, is the little sister of Yo Takami, and a Deadman that use to be in G ward. Takami gives off a very kind and shy aura around her, but this is just to disguise her evil and sadistic from others so they feel secure around her, while she gets sexually aroused from other people’s suffering.

2. Shiro


Character Summary: Watching Shiro and her entertaining antics are like a breath of fresh air with her outgoing and bubbly personality that complements her excessive eating of sweets. Though she may appear childlike and innocent, she claims that she’s deeply in love with Ganta, even though she can’t comprehend love and doesn’t understand what a girlfriend is, Shiro will do anything to make him happy, even if it involves the harm of others.