A Guy Does THIS With Yu-Gi-Oh Cards, I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes…

YuGiOh Card Shadowbox Art? So Cool!

Twitter user DB Hopelash has a little hobby and it involves knives, glue, and Yu-Gi-Oh cards? These awesome picture speak for themselves!

First he starts with a normal Yu-Gi-Oh card…

1309491112560664208via kotaku

Then a few cuts here and there…

1309491112699195536via kotaku

If You Liked Clannad Then This Sick Dango Daikazoku Remix Will Leave You Hooked!

And wala! (obviously I skipped a LOT of steps)

He pieces them together (presumably with glue) then glosses them over, creating a beautiful final product… So cool!

via kotaku

1309491112933370512via kotaku

1309491113726002320via kotaku

Incredibly Talented Artists Draw Aqua from Konosuba! (29 Breathtaking Works of Art)

Here’s a Vine of one of them in action!

via kotaku

I give this project an A plus!

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